Monday, July 14, 2008

Sweet, Beautiful Words on

Wordsmiths is just the coolest. They are the hippest bookstore in the ATL, and hugely supportive of local and independent artists of all flavors. Not just writers, mind you: on any given month you can catch local and not-so-local independent musicians, poets, spoken-word artists, and events that defy reduction to soundbytes, all hosted with genuine warmth, enthusiasm, and respect. And it is rapidly becoming an unmissable book tour destination. I knew when I asked them to host a first-ever launch from an unknown small press, I'd at least get a respectful hearing. Instead they have been wildly supportive, not only welcoming our little group but making it possible for us to stage a launch as interstitial as Mercury Retrograde and as big as a little press's dreams.

And now, this. Russ has put up this lovely entry in the Wordsmiths blog about the launch, Larissa's book, and Mercury Retrograde. Read all the beautiful things Russ said. Then come to Wordsmiths on Saturday night and shower him--and all the Wordsmiths crew--with confetti.

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