Friday, August 01, 2008


Last week I had a really amusing talk with Phil Kloer at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He was working, but for me it was just an opportunity to chat about Stephanie Meyer's books and why females of all ages are obsessed with them. Phil also talked to Rachael, and to a significant percentage of the literate female population of Atlanta, it seems. Fortunately he seems to enjoy Ms. Meyer's books as much as the rest of us...

After he talked to everyone, Phil wrote an article about the Stephanie Meyer Phenomenon and all the Breaking Dawn parties taking place tonight. Yes, I'm in the article. Rachael looks so cute in the picture!

We'll be at a Breaking Dawn party tonight, with the Cool Kids at Wordsmiths. If you're local, stop by. We'll be looking very Goth and pulling for Team Edward.

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