Tuesday, March 10, 2009

All writers report to Twitter. Now.

Hey, remember how you'd gotten that nagging feeling that twitter was somehow going to turn out to be worthwhile? Yeah, here it is:


Seriously. Go to twitter and read. Learn. Laugh. Cry. Maybe some of each.


Shoqua said...

Does that mean you'll be posting more on Twitter soon?

Barbara, Goddess of Champagne said...

:) Yeah...I've been a twitter delinquent lately. I've filled up my feed with interesting insightful *prolific* tweeps, and am having to revisit the way I use twitter. I've gone from the web interface to twhirl to--just installed, not yet optimized--tweetdeck, which anecdotal evidence suggests is what I need to be using. Now to integrate it into my daily routine in a way that doesn't totally disrupt work- and thought-flow...

Suggestions on this topic welcome, y'all..