Monday, June 09, 2008

Kortnee made me do it

Yeah, it began innocently enough. Kortnee, Mercury Retrograde's resident Web 2.0 guru, has been setting up social web presences for Mercury Retrograde. We've got a way cool Myspace Page now; and today a Facebook page for Mercury Retrograde went live. Complications develop: it turns out one must create a Facebook account to see anybody's page. So I had no choice but to create my own Facebook page. By this evening, even Kortnee could see that giving me that shiny new toy had been a mistake.

I've been nothing but social since noon. Mercury's retrograde phase must be ending. And me with my novel not yet finished!

More on that anon...


Shoqua said...


Shoqua said...

LOL, oops, happy fingers.

I'd apologize but it's too much fun. While I was setting up the Mercury Retrograde Facebook account I was playing Scrabble with some friends. (They all say welcome, by the way)

Hope you're having fun with the new toy.

Now, don't forget to get some work done!

Barbara, Goddess of Champagne said...

Thank you! :)
Getting the work done will be the challenge...